Project Rio

The Mario Superstar Baseball Center

What is Project Rio?

Project Rio, in it's current state, is a modified version of Dolphin Emulator developed by PeacockSlayer and LittleCoaks which serves two major purposes: automatically track stats from in game, and optimize the online experience of Mario Superstar Baseball.

Project Rio as a concept encompasses the entirety of the Mario Superstar Baseball Modding Project which began back in November of 2020, which refers to our massive plethora of Gecko Codes, this very website, and our future plans for the project. In the future, this website will allow users to sort through a database to view extensive & in-depth stats on a countless things in the game, such as but not limited to character stats and player stats.

Project Rio comes pre-built with all of our gecko codes, optimal default configurations for new Dolphin users, and an automated Stat Tracker, which automatically records stats at the conclusion of games. These stats include but are not limited to: OBP, SLG, ERA, # of home runs, and more.

The philosophy for this website's future is to act as a central hub for all things Mario Superstar Baseball related. We plan to make many additions to this site, including but not limited to: information detailing game strategy, the metagame, community tier lists, community stats, and more.

Future Plans

Below is a roadmap of our plans for the future. It should be stressed that THIS IS NOT A SCHEDULE, NOR ARE THESE "OFFICIAL" DATES. We are simply providing this so that people can see everything that we have planned for the future, and know what to expect.

Beta Release (0.2.0) Q1 2022:

  • Launch of Rio Web

    • Website for viewing stats and game summaries

    • User stats

    • Global character stats

    • More advanced stats

  • Patreon launch

Official Release (1.0.0) Q2 2022:

  • Rio Web Updates

    • Heat maps for pitches and hits

    • Ranked leaderboards

    • Communities, Friends, Game Tags

    • Live game feeds

    • Probably even more stats

Other Ideas for future releases:

  • Matchmaking/match notifications via Rio Web

  • Integrated Ranked Mode

This will be considered a living document and will be updated as things change. As of now this is the general plan.