Version History

Alpha Version

Minor Changes:

  • Anti Quick Pitch reverted to old version

  • Hazardless stadiums includes the removal of KlapTraps

  • Stadium randomizer no longer affects game

    • Will not cause deyncs

  • Never cull removed from gecko codes menu

    • Due to desync issues

  • Auto Golf Mode failure bug patched

  • Updated netplay game-start message to include message about hazardless stadiums

Major Changes:

  • Asynchronous Gecko Codes

    • Players can toggle a list of optional gecko codes on netplay without desyncs

    • Better desync detection in general

  • Hazardless stadiums and Ban Batter Pausing added to netplay codeset

    • Activate in Ranked Mode-only

  • Disable Replays option in netplay

  • Replace an updated gecko code on download instead of duplicating codes

Minor Changes:

  • Removed stat tracker UI

    • Only shows in debug mode

  • Soft patch to pitcher stamina bug

  • Hold Z to show Easy Batting in Training Mode

  • Wiki directs to community wiki instead of dolphin wiki

  • Stars off ranked doesn't unlock superstars

  • Link to latency test added to Online Play Window

  • Stadium Randomizer in netplay chat

  • Update to Anti Quick Pitch, uses ~2 second lockout

  • Validate Rio account when Online Play is opened

    • Alert user that stats won't be recorded if invalid account

  • Create Rio Account link added to Add Local Players window

  • Added Bat Sound Effect when starting a ranked game

  • More Auto Golf Mode adjustments + logging added

Major Changes:

  • Stat Tracking restored

  • Stat Tracker bugs fixed + improved tracking

Minor Changes:

  • Auto Golf Mode adjustments

    • Please continue to report freezes

  • Fixed Training Mode

  • Fixed Coin Flipper

Major Changes:

  • Manual Fielder Select 4.0

    • Y for pitcher, X for catcher, R for closest to ball, L for closest to drop spot, Z to reset/clear manual select

  • New Stat Tracker Logging

    • Writes a log of the stat tracker and outputs it to `Documents\Project Rio\StateLoggerFiles`

    • Displays stat tracker state on screen in real time; can be toggled off

Minor Changes:

  • New version naming system

    • --> 1.9.1 (for clarity & simplicity)

  • Auto Golf Mode adjustments

  • Bob-omb Derby & Wall Ball Auto Golf Mode compatibility

    • This makes 3 compatible minigames on top of Barrel Batter

  • Fixed online player count

  • Training Mode bug fix

  • Fixed Coin Flipper

Major Changes:

  • Added Ranked Mode and Game Mode to NetPlay browser

    • Game Mode includes Superstars OFF, Superstars ON, and Custom

    • People can see what type of lobby is being hosted

    • Ranked is now configured before making a lobby instead of within the lobby

  • Remove dingus bunt code added to NetPlay set

  • Stat tracker bug fixes

Minor Changes:

  • "Remove Player" option added to Local Players window

  • Gecko Codes tab tells you what codes are currently enabled

    • Hovering over the list will bring up a tool tip

  • Browser says number of players currently playing online

  • Player who paused becomes the golfer

    • No lag when menuing and doing fielder adjustments

  • All players can coin flip

  • Unlock everything now includes bowser challenge mode

  • Fixed duplicate port bug when changing ports or joining lobby

  • Updated chat colors for readability

  • Experimental latency reduction feature for non-golfer

    • Will likely have minimal impact

  • Fixed Coin Flipper

Major Changes:

    • Stat Files now sent to the Rio Server

      • If you are a Rookie-level Patron or up, you will get your own user-stats

      • Everyone else will be stored as a "Default User"

Minor Changes

  • Fixed Coin Flipper

Minor Changes

  • Bug fixes"

    • Lag/stutter fix

    • Stat file & HUD file fixes

  • Fixed Coin Flipper

Major Changes

  • RioCam

    • Activate via the FreeCam Settings (Options->Free Look Settings). Each direction hotkey is associated with a different camera angle.

    • Beneficial for content creators/streamers

  • HUD File

    • New file called `decoded.hud.txt` that is written the HudFiles directory at the start and end of every play

    • Includes info on all of the player names, captains character stats, current game state, and the previous event. Useful for streamers to create a custom HUD with everything going on in the game

    • Script will be provided to create OBS files

Minor Changes

  • Stat File changes

    • Major bug fixes. Big thank you to Pokebunny and Mori for discovering and debugging some crucial bugs in the stat tracker.

    • New stats: Max height, manual select engaged, batter outs per position, game start and end time, Version number

  • Fixed Coin Flipper

  • New texture packs

    • thanks Raviann :)

Major Changes

  • Auto Golf Mode overhaul

    • Fixed crashes & improved general functionality; Should be way less crashes online now :)

    • Auto Golf Mode now works with Barrel Batter

  • Stat Tracker overhaul

    • The stat file format has been changed.

    • Local Players now used for NetPlay (uses player at port 1)

    • Stat file names use both players for local & NetPlay games

  • Gecko Code overhaul

    • Expanded gecko code size limit

    • Required Gecko code force-enabled & cannot be disabled

    • Netplay Event Code automatically enabled for ranked games

  • 10 second Pitch Clock for ranked games

Minor Changes

  • Fixed Coin Flipper

  • Average ping added to stat files (experimental)

  • Bug fix to forced code-syncing

  • Optional Night Time Mario Stadium toggle for NetPlay (works with ranked)

  • Added desync warning msg at top of screen on NetPlay

  • Manual Fielder Select bug fix

  • Patched bug where Challenge Mode crashes with the Netplay Event Code

Major Changes

  • Training Mode v 1.0

    • Displays real-time stats during a game; Toggle under Graphics Settings

  • macOS support

  • Dark Theme

  • Coin Flipper in NetPlay chat

  • Spectator Toggle in NetPlay lobby

  • Display Batter / Fielder offline support

  • Active Gecko Codes NetPlay message

  • Fixed NetPlay lobby crashes

    • Display Batter / Fielder is safe to use

  • Removed 2-Frame Batter Lag Reduction

    • Necessary for future Rio releases

  • Updated to most recent Mainline Dolphin

Minor Changes

  • Netplay Event Code 3.7

    • Default Competitive Rules supports Superstars On format automatically

    • Manual Fielder Select v 3.2 bug fix & code improvements

    • Wall Ball minigame now works with Anti Quick Pitch

  • Auto Golf Mode Code efficiency improvements

  • "Online Play" button

    • Combines old "Start Netplay" & "Join Netplay" buttons into one tab

  • Forced Gecko Code Syncing

  • Fixed Local Players' port reset bug

  • MSSB is only game on game list

  • Spacebar can drain NetPlay buffer

    • Experimental; currently not very effective

  • Code efficiency improvements


Minor Changes

  • Manual Fielder Select updated to v 3.1

    • Contains bug fix -- sorry about that


Major Changes

  • Manual Fielder Select 3.0

    • R selects the closest fielder

  • Notification when new version of Rio is released

  • Built in Texture Packs

    • Graphics > Advanced contains a combo box which allows users to select a built-in texture pack

  • Added Stat Tracker support for duplicate characters

Minor Changes

  • Stat json format changes/fixes

    • Added "Player who fielded ball" stat; fixed old formatting problems

  • Removed blank stat file upon closing game early bug

  • Improved format for Netplay Session Browser

  • Auto Golf set to the default network setting for new installs

  • Netplay buffer cannot be set lower than 8

    • For Fair Input Delay games, users should never use less than 2f (8 buffer) delay

  • Golf Mode Overlay & golfer swap chat messages are hidden unless in debug mode


Minor Changes

  • Patched bug where auto golf mode wouldn't swap to batter after switching a pitcher out

    • Overall smoother transitions between auto golfer swaps

  • Small correction to NetPlay tool tip text


Minor Changes

  • Fixed bug which prevented offline games from loading

  • Changed description to NetPlay chat log for changing to Auto Golf Mode and Fair Input Delay


Major Changes

  • 2 Frame Batter Lag Reduction

    • Fixed replay bug

    • Removed activation of batter lag reduction during golf mode

  • Auto Golf Mode

    • Automatically swaps the golfer to the batter when in the batting/pitching state, and to the fielder when in the fielding/baserunning state

Minor Changes

  • Removed ability to see incompatible NetPlay sessions

  • Removed normal Host Input Authority Network Setting

  • Stat Tracker bug fixes

  • Changed some default Graphics configurations


Major Changes

  • Stat Tracker

    • Enable Options->Record Stats

    • Ranked button to indicate ranked match in stats

    • All ranked games MUST be recorded

  • Local Player system

    • Local players must be added and selected before pressing Start Game in-game

    • Currently adding a new Local Player requires 22 character key, this can be anything for now

    • Names from this list will be used to populate stat files

      • NOTE: When playing over netplay the first name in the local players list will be used

  • Netplay Event Code 3.3

    • Anti Quick Pitch, Manual Fielder Select 2.0, Boot to Main Menu, Unlimited Extra Innings, Unlock Everything, Default Competitive Rules, Skip Memory Card Check on Main Menu.

  • 1 Frame Batter Lag Reduction & Positional Correction gecko code (netplay only)

Minor Changes

  • Default gecko codes

    • NOTE: The Project Rio gecko code must always be enabled

  • Added Gecko Codes Tab to toolbar

  • Added Start NetPlay and Join NetPlay buttons to tool bar

  • Ability to Download 48 brand new Gecko Codes

  • Optimal Default Configurations

  • QoL changes, such as updates tool tip descriptions and discord/website links

  • Prevention from loading all games except Mario Superstar Baseball