To begin the optimization, we will do some small things outside of Project Rio. Be sure to do the following:

  • Fullscreen the game whenever you play. Simply click the Fullscreen button on the Tool Bar.

  • Overclock your controller so that your inputs are read more accurately (detailed here).

  • For weaker systems (laptops), close all background apps.

If something is not shown, then leave everything as the default.
Most of these Configurations will already be set by default with Project Rio, but this guide may still be useful.


"Show Current Game on Discord" is optional as well as the other configs not included in this screen shot.

Everything else not shown here can just be left on the defaults.


V-Sync may be enabled to provide more smooth graphics, but it comes at a slight input latency cost. It is ultimately up to you which you would rather have.

For the Backend, IF YOU PLAY ON macOS, USE VULKAN!!

For everyone else, you can mess around on your own and see what works best for you. If you want to stick with OpenGL, that's ok unless you are playing on a mac.

For the shader compilation, if you have a strong enough system, Hybrid Ubershaders may be better for you. If you are on a laptop or a weaker build, stick to the default. Test this out on your own to see what's best for you.

You also can choose to Compile Shaders Before Starting, but do note that for the first time opening the game it may take a few minutes to compile the shaders. Make sure to do this on your own time and not on NetPlay if you choose to enable this setting.

You may choose to increase your internal resolution if your build is strong enough. If you are on a laptop, keep the resolution at Native (640x528).

ABSOLUTELY make sure to enable "Immediately Present XFB" so that you can have lower latency when playing the game.

GPU Texture Decoding is optimal unless your build's GPU is very weak or if the CPU is stronger. It's generally a good idea to check this setting unless your build is very weak.