Game Mode

Introducing Rio Game Modes, the newest way to play Mario Superstar Baseball!

What are Game Modes?

Similar to other online games, game modes define the rules of the game. For Project Rio game modes are a combination of gecko codes that are automatically applied when playing the selected mode and other rules that must be followed by the players.

In 1.9.5 players that have created a Rio account will be able to select a game mode from a list in the "Rio Config" screen. The will be able to play with other players who have selected the same mode.

Why should I care about Game Modes?

There are a few big reasons to care about game modes. First, only games played with a game mode will be sent to the Rio Web server for stat aggregation. Once a game is in the server you will be able to see a detailed breakdown of not only that game but also other games played in the same game modes.

Second, game modes automatically apply some rules to Mario Baseball which will save players the time and worry of manually selecting gecko codes for tournaments. Be aware though! Some rules will not be automatically enforced! Players will still need read and follow all of the rules of a game mode!!

Third, game modes automatically keep track of player ratings and maintain a ladder of all of the players who played them.

Finally, alongside the official community game modes, patrons will be able to make their own custom game modes and share them with other players! These game modes will offer all of the above features!

What game modes are offered at launch?

The Project Rio team will be offering 3 game modes at launch: Stars Off Season 4, Stars On Randoms, Big Balla Season 4. Game modes will be evaluated every 3 months and rotated based on games played among other factors. 

The Project Rio team will also offer limited time only modes throughout the season so keep an eye out!

I do not like these game modes!

Come join our discord and discuss what game modes you would like to see in the official community! Or become a patron and make your own game modes to share with friends! Or find a patron who made a game mode you are interested in and join their community!

How do I get more game modes available to me?

Game modes are associated with a community. All Rio players are automatically a part of the official community, and therefore have access to all of the official game modes. Patrons can also create communities where they can host up to 5 active game modes at a time. 

Only players who are a part of a community will have access to the community's game modes. We will release more information on communities to our community owners when they create them and to the wider community later.

I am a Patron, how do I get started making communities and game modes?

Please reach out to a Rio Developer on Discord or via Patreon. This process is still a little tedious until our we finish development of our website. In the meantime we will create communities and game modes to your specifications for you. Thank you for your patience