Update Changelog

What's new in 0.1.6?

Project Rio 0.1.6 was mostly supposed to be a bug fixes & polishing update, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some sweet new features being brought to the table. Most people probably won't notice many of these changes, other than that Project Rio in general is running more smoothly with less bugs and better online play. The full list on changes are below

Major Changes

Auto Golf Mode overhaul

Auto Golf Mode so far has undergone a few changes and improvements, but there's always been a pesky bug which would occasionally cause game freezes online when trying to swap golfers. This bug as officially been patched out, so there should be way less crashes online (if any at all). The functionality of Auto Golf Mode has also been improved. Transitions between golfers happen more quickly than previously, and they happen at a consistent time.

Additionally, Barrel Batter now works with Auto Golf Mode. You can now play Barrel Batter against people online with 0 lag. I look forward to the potential future Barrel Batter tournaments.

Stat Tracker overhaul

Rio's stat tracker has undergone a significant change in it's structure & functionality. The format of the files have been changed as to prepare for the database & release of Rio beta. The most significant change that most people will notice is it's use on NetPlay. Local Players are now used on NetPlay. For now, the player set to port 1 is the one that will be used online. Additionally, NetPlay stat files are now named using the player's names, rather than the Netplayer~ default name in the past. Just make sure you create a player in the Local Play button on Rio.

If anyone's made scripts to parse stat files in the past, they should update their scripts based on the new format of stats.

Gecko Code overhaul

The Gecko Code system for Rio also underwent some significant changes. First and foremost, the gecko code size limit has been expanded, so you can now load up on and use more mods than ever possible before. Next, the Required Gecko code is now force-enabled & cannot be disabled. This is to prevent any bugs which result from it accidently being turned off. Finally, the Netplay Event Code is automatically enabled for ranked games, and if playing ranked all other gecko codes will be blocked. This means that no one can use their own gecko codes for ranked play, and that players know they're playing in a fair environment.

10 second Pitch Clock

Gone are the days of needing to worry about any sort of stalling / icing out of players when playing ranked. A 10 second Pitch Clock is now applied to all ranked games. Note that if not playing ranked NetPlay, the clock will not apply. There will be a message in the NetPlay chat box that alerts you when the Pitch Clock is being used. The clock does not run when the game is paused.

Minor Changes

Coin Flipper works as intended

  • This was not working correctly in 0.1.5, as the coin flip was not randomized and has a set order. This has been fixed, and now coin flips are actually random

Optional Night Time Mario Stadium toggle for NetPlay

  • Since gecko codes are disabled with ranked, the Night Time Mario Stadium mod wouldn't be possible to use on ranked.

  • Many people enjoy this cosmetic mod, so as a workaround there is now a toggle in the NetPlay lobby to enable this code even when playing ranked.

Average ping added to stat files (experimental)

  • This is a stat as part of the stat files which would track the average ping during a match. Players can now check after a game how much latency there was.

  • We can potentially use this to determine is a ranked game was too laggy to count for the leaderboards in the future.

Bug fix to forced code-syncing

  • This was slightly incorrect in the previous version, but it now works as intended.

Added desync warning msg at top of screen on NetPlay

  • The desync warning appears at the top of the screen instead of just in the NetPlay chat. This lets players know instantly if their game has desynced.

Manual Fielder Select 3.3

  • Bug fix.

  • Patched out bug where Challenge Mode would crash.